Entrepreneurship in Neuroscience

While walking through the aisles on a train to Heidelberg, I finally stumble upon my reserved seat… Only to find it and its neighbors are surrounded by a family of 20. Rather than making a fuss - I go ahead and choose an unoccupied seat farther back, hoping to get some sleep in preparation for what I’m imagining will be a long three days. At the next stop, I’m roused awake by somebody asking in a distinct American accent “Is this seat available?

MSNE Welcome Event

With the start of the semester, 23 new students joined the Master’s program in Neuroengineering at TU Munich. This Friday, the first and second year MSNE students met for a first get-together.

13th Bernstein Conference, Göttingen

This september we visited the 13th Bernstein Conference organized by the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Göttingen (BCCN Göttingen) in Göttingen. Posters by NST Faculty and MSNE students Tayeb Z, Erçelik E, Conradt J (2017) Decoding of EEG Brain Signals using Spiking Neural Networks on SpiNNaker Neuromorphic Hardware. Bernstein Conference 2017. doi: 10.12751/nncn.bc2017.0100 Widderich C, Everding L, Richter C, Conradt J (2017) A Cooperative Stereo Matching Neural Network on TrueNorth.

MSNE team 'Neuruns' at the ENB EliteCup 2017

The ENB EliteCup 2017 is a football tournament between the master programs of the Elite Network of Bavaria that takes place every year. This year, we jumped at the opportunity to participate and assembled a neuroengineering team, called ‘The Neuruns’. Despite the odds of being still a very small program and some of us not being able to play due to Ramadan, we managed to form a team of sufficiently many players.

Spring 2017 MSNE Retreat

The Spring 2017 MSNE Retreat took place in Fischen, Allgäu from May 14 to May 17. Apart from the MSNE Students, we welcomed the following speakers for invited talks: Thursday: Prof. Dr. Matthias Bethge, Bethge Lab, University of Tübingen Friday: Prof. Dr. Heiko Neumann, Institut für Neuroinformatik, University of Ulm Saturday: Dr. Dmitry Kireev, Institute of Bioelectronics, Forschungszentrum Jülich Retreat Proceedings Proceedings of the retreat are available here.

Participation in the Munich Brain Course

After a semester of interesting theoretical lectures in neuroanatomy and neurophysiology we had the chance of gaining practical hands-on experience about the human brain in the Munich Brain Course. The Munich Brain Course is a yearly intensive course on neuroanatomy organized by the Institute of Anatomy of the Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) - the non-technical university in Munich. The course started in the morning with a nice welcome buffet. Strengthened by the snacks and the coffee, we learned about the century-long history of neuroscience research in Munich and about the structure and organization of the course during an introductory talk and then had the pleasure to hear from Prof.

1st Human Brain Project student conference in Vienna

In February, Raja, Abdallah, James and Nicolas had the chance to attend the first student conference of the European Human Brain Project in Vienna. This study trip was carried out within the MSNE program and was supported by the Elite Network of Barvaria (ENB). Having already brought our suitcases to the final exam in Computational Neuroscience, we started our trip directly after handing in our solutions. Late in the evening, after a four-hour train ride, we finally arrived in Vienna and checked in at our hotel which was in walking distance to the university of Vienna where the conference was hosted.

Christkindl Market

On Dec. 9th we met with the MSNE program manager, Florian Rattei, at one of the many Christkindl-Markets in Munich for some nice hot Glühwein. The medival-themed market with its many craftsmen and -women including a glassblower, a goldsmith and calligraphers as well as the authentic wooden stalls immediately makes one forget the stressful daily routine and emits a traditional Christmassy atmosphere. Standing around a stump that served as a table for our Glühwein cups, we also talked about organisational matters and planned activities like the writing of this blog.

Welcome to our blog!

We are students from the Master of Science program in Neuroengineering (MSNE) at the Technical University in Munich and are using this site to share our experiences. This blog serves two purposes: We want to write a diary about the many great things that we are doing and experiencing. The blog is also supposed to give information to students interested in joining the program. Disclaimer: This is a personal blog by the students in the Neuroengineering program and not an official website by TUM.