MSNE Students

Abdallah Alashqar
Computational neuroscience and its utilization in understanding neural networks & dynamics for improved neuroprosthetics and interventions

Iustina Andronic
I am interested in neural mechanisms of hearing, auditory nerve modelling and sound perception with cochlear implants.

Mohammad Bashiri
Check out my blog ;)

Nicolas Berberich
I'm interested in the science and philosophy of emerging technologies (robotics, AI, neurotech). Love systems science, humanism and Bildung.

Jonas Braun
Brain-Computer-Interfaces + Neuronal Dynamics + Closed Loop Neuronal Control + Control Engineering

Carlo De Donno
Data analysis at Sirotalab. Hoping to bring systems neuroscience and BCI research closer together in the future.

Viktorija Dimova

Germán Díez Valencia
My main interest is to develop artificial cognitive systems.

Raja Judeh
Neuroprosthetics, Deep Learning, Machine Learning

James Lawton
Primarily interested in neural network representations of the brain, particularly with respect to affect and cognitive processes.

Vanessa Page
Systems neuroscience including optogenetics and in-vivo electrophysiology to find mechanistic explanations for emotional processing.

Elisa Pavarino
I'm genuinely curious of many domains of Neuroengineering, with a stronger focus on Connectomics and Computational Neurosciences.

Pranshul Saini
Neuropsychology, machine learning, brain-computer-interfaces (BCI), mindfulness research. I am working remotely with UC Davis

Steffen Schneider
I'm interested in making neural nets robust and data efficient, drawing inspiration from the brain

Auguste Schulz
I am most interested in neuroprosthetics and information transmission in neural circuits (particularily in vision and hearing).

Annika Thierfelder
Interest towards Neurorehabilitation / Neuroprosthetics

Pooja Verma

Francisco Zurita
Neuroprosthetics, neural interfacing.