MSNE Journal Club

Science communication is an essential aspect of scientific research. It enables scientists and researchers to inform each other, as well as the public, about science progress and invoke scientific, political and ethical thinking. The general purpose of a journal club is to facilitate the review of research studies and to discuss implications of the study in practice. In general, a journal club helps with:

  • Sharing knowledge of current research
  • Facilitating the learning process
  • Enhancing literature critique and appraisal skills
  • Encouraging interaction and dialogue with other researchers
  • Encouraging research utilization, and
  • Promoting team building

During the course of our master program, we have two mandatory discussion seminar blocks, which are very helpful in training us with the above mentioned traits. The existence of a journal club in which students and researchers can interact without being evaluated would take these learnings to another level and cultivates the trait of participating in critical scientific discussions in students.

This journal club is expected to have a frequency of once every two weeks, and attract students not only from Neuroengineering, but any other field that has potential relations to neuroengineering. Speakers in this journal club include neuroengineering students, as well as invited PhD and PostDoc candidates from laboratories and institutions related to the field.

Papers presented so far

  • 24/06/2018. Presentatin by Werner: “Fear from the Heart: Sensitivity to Fear Stimuli Depends on Individual Heartbeats”, Garfinkel et al.

Contact Person

Mohammad Bashiri, Werner Seitz